Outdoor Activities

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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities | Up The Creek Camping

Outdoor activities are the name of the game at Up The Creek Camping. Your options for outdoor fun are nearly endless. With the hookups provided for your RV, you can choose to stay inside and watch television or movies, or you can step outside and see what we have available to you as part of your stay with us. Getting up and moving is what it is all about for us, and you should not be surprised to see many guests awake and active by sunrise or earlier.

We want to let you in on nature’s show. There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay with us, including hiking, playing horseshoes, and so much more. All of this awaits you as you decide whether to join in on the fun of the great outdoors. Hunting is not allowed at Up The Creek Camping but everything else is! Can you even contain yourself while knowing the great times your family will have at our campgrounds?

When you join us in our camping retreat, you will reconnect to the past as well as the timelessness of the present. Let go of stress, reclaim your spiritual side, and enjoy all the outdoor activities we offer. In the Zanesville, OH area, there is no greater place to be than at Up The Creek Camping. Set up a time to visit us!

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